How to Find the Harper Hideout in Baldur’s Gate 3

You can't trust anyone in Lower City...

If you pay any attention to Jalheira at all after you recruit her in Moonrise Tower, you’ll know that there’s a Harper Hideout in Wyrm’s Crossing. Here’s how to find the Harper Hideout in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to Find the Harper Hideout in Baldur’s Gate 3

The Harper Hideout, which becomes accessible in Act 3, is exceptionally easy to overlook. In fact, I missed it entirely in my first playthrough.

But it’s well worth the visit, and it helps flesh out Jalheira’s questline. To find it, you’ll need to get to Rivington in Act 3. From there, you’ll need to get past the Steelwatch. You can do this by bribing them, turning yourself invisible and running past them, or relying on the help of the Gnomes if you saved them in Moonrise Towers.

Once you have made it to the Wyrm’s Crossing Waypoint, continue forward as if you were going to Lower City across the bridge. But don’t speak to the Steelwatch guarding the bridge yet. Instead, turn left. You’ll see a very tall ladder.

Climb up it, then follow the single path around the building.

From here, go through the door at the end of the path and descend the next ladder.

Alternatively, if you want don’t want to go into a restricted area (it’s safe! It leads to a storage room that no one is patrolling), you can jump down the stairs and take two damage to your health. Or use Feather Fall to avoid damage together.


Before you enter the Harper Hideout, be sure to add Jaheira to your party!

Doing so will trigger an awkward encounter between her and another Harper, who is desperately trying to signal something to you.


Once you’re in the Harper’s Hideout, you’ll get an Insight and Wisdom check. If you pass either, and you have Detect Thoughts in your repertoire, you can then read the minds of either the Harper recruit or Jaheira. I highly recommend you read Jaheira’s thoughts.

If you do, she’ll be pleased. But otherwise choose to attack while Jaheira has them distracted.

It turns out all but the Harper who originally spoke to you are Dopplegangers. You’ll have to kill all four. Speak to the Harper recruit and Jaheira will try to convince him to leave the Harpers. If you tell her that it should be his choice, Jaheira will approve.

Speak to Jaheira after the fight to learn more about her background and jumpstart her personal companion quest “The High Harper”.

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