How to Find the Halo Reach Planet in Starfield

Remember Reach.

Starfield Eridani II Halo Reach Planet
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Starfield is a massive game, and that makes it perfect for hiding little easter eggs and nods to various games and pop culture. Take the Elder Scrolls VI easter egg that can only appear on some playthroughs, for example. You could find a Scroll Holder somewhere in the Lodge, with it propping up a book named Great Expectations. Clearly, they know how fans feel about The Elder Scrolls VI. That aside, there’s another easter egg that some Halo fans might find interesting. Here’s how to find the Halo Reach planet in Starfield.

Where to Find the Halo Reach Planet in Starfield

Starfield Eridani System
Screenshot by Prima Games

To get to the Halo Reach planet in Starfield, make your way over to the Eridani system. It can be found in the southwestern quadrant of the star chart and southwest of the Sol system. Once you’re there, make your way over to Eridani II. You might quickly begin to notice that the planet looks surprisingly similar to the planet of Reach, from Halo’s lore and the game of the same name.

As you touch down, the similarities will begin to become much more clear. While there’s, of course, a difference due to art style and graphical fidelity jumps, some locations, like the mountains, can look similar to that of Reach’s locales. It’s also harder to tell since it isn’t being invaded by Covenant, even if that would be an insane easter egg.

Funny enough, both planets are based on the real-life planet in the Epsilon Eridani system. While some liberties are taken in the name of beauty, of course, they’re very similar, and it’s a nice way to immerse yourself in real-life astronomy. Let’s just hope we don’t have the threat of an alien invasion to worry about.

What is the Planet of Reach in the Halo Series?

Halo Reach Noble Team
Image via Bungie.

If you don’t have too much know-how about Reach in the Halo games, it was a human colony world 10.5 light years away from Earth. It was well-known for its military significance and was the location of the game Halo Reach. During the events of the game, the hostile Covenant alien force invaded the planet and managed to force humanity’s evacuation. If you want more information, you can read the book Halo: The Fall of Reach.

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