How to Do the Starfield XP Glitch

Who doesn't want to reach god-like levels of XP?

Starfield Aliens
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In Starfield, you’ll earn experience points for almost everything. As you kill enemies and fauna, explore the galaxy, complete side quests, and fly your ship. As you earn XP, you’ll level up, becoming stronger and more capable over time. But for those with little time or patience, how can you level up fast in Starfield? The best way is via an XP glitch in Starfield, which makes farming experience points easy and quick!

How to Farm With the Starfield XP Glitch

Instead of spending countless hours completing quests and defeating enemies for a sliver of experience points, learn how to farm fast with the Starfield XP glitch.

Now, it should be noted, first and foremost, that this is not a way to earn a ludicrous amount of experience points. It takes some work, a little travel, and plenty of firepower.

Here’s how to do the Starfield XP glitch:

  • Increase your difficulty to Very Hard.
  • Travel to any planet in the galaxy with fauna. The more, the better!
  • Land and then immediately change your difficulty back down to Very Easy.
  • As you kill the fauna, they’ll grant XP for Very Hard, not for Very Easy, but will have the stats of a Very Easy enemy. They won’t deal as much damage or take many hits to down.

Again, you’ll eventually run out of aliens to slaughter. It would be best to travel to multiple planets to keep farming this XP glitch and repeat the process mentioned above every time before and after you land your spacecraft.

Recommended Planets for the Starfield XP Glitch

As you spend time traveling the galaxy, visiting countless planets, and mercilessly slaughtering the wildlife for imaginary points to level your character, you’ll stumble upon ideal worlds seemingly designed for this glitch. These are the planets we recommend for the XP glitch:

  • Moloch II, Moloch System.
  • Ixyll II, Ixyll System.
  • Guniibuu II, Guniibuu System.

All three of these planets feature an abundance of fauna. For example, Ixyll II is a level 40 planet with nine different fauna to survey, examine, and shoot down.

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