How to Find the Fuse for the Witch’s Hut in Alan Wake 2

Why would you keep a fuse there

As you stalk Nightingale through the woods, our unknown author tells us to find a fuse for the Witch Hut. Here’s how to find the fuse to light the Witch Hut in Alan Wake 2.

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How to Light Up the Witch’s Hut in Alan Wake 2

During Return 2: The Heart, Saga and Casey will return to Cauldron Lake to find the missing Nightingale. Shortly after that, Saga will find another manuscript page that describes her finding a fuse to light up the creepy abandoned cabin called the Witch Hut.

Unfortunately, it can be easy to miss the fuse’s location. Here’s how to find the fuse to light up the Witch’s Hut in Alan Wake 2.

The fuse box is on the west / left wall of the Witch’s Hut, and the fuse isn’t much farther.

While facing the fuse box, turn around, and you’ll see an overgrown bridge.

Follow this bridge, and you’ll find a chair and some trash.

To the left of the chair, hidden in an obscured alcove, are two blue containers on a rusted iron drum. Interact with these two blue containers to find the fuse!

While you’re here, it’s worth noting that one of the Cauldron Lake lunchboxes is nearby, hidden in the bushes the chair is facing.  

Bring back the fuse to the Witch’s Hut and interact with the fuse box. The possible items you can use on the slot will appear. Select the “fuse,” and the Witch’s Hut will flood with light! Stepping inside will automatically grant you a trophy.

The cabin will suddenly have a comforting glow and several new items, including a thermos, which you can interact with to save your game manually. Finally, we don’t have to depend on the lackluster checkpoint system.  

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