How to Find the Bright Falls Map in Alan Wake 2

I'd show you its location on a map but...

Maps are a godsend in games like Alan Wake 2. Here’s how to find the Bright Falls Map in Alan Wake 2.

How to Find the Bright Falls Map in Alan Wake 2

As you wander around Bright Falls, you’ll quickly find that this idyllic mountain town is much larger than expected. And even more importantly, there are quite a few collectibles scattered here and there, which makes having a map even more imperative. Fortunately, getting a map of the town proper is pretty easy.

To find the Bright Falls town map, you have two options:

  • The map on the outer wall of Oh Deer Diner.
  • The map is at the Sheriff’s Office, near the entrance.

If you’ve just arrived at Bright Falls for the first time, the Oh Deer Diner map is the easiest to find. If you’re looking straight at the diner’s entrance, go left and examine the wall near the phone booth. You’ll find a map wedged between a bunch of incredibly ominous posters. Posters that advertise self-defense, staying safe, and asking about missing loved ones. Guess this quiet town isn’t that quiet.

The second poster is outside the Sherrif’s Station entrance. You’ll go here as part of the main quest line, too, so if you missed the Oh Deer Diner option, this is a good choice. It’s just to the right of the double doors.

And if you head inside, you can find the Police Station map behind the front counter. It’s good to be fully prepared, right? And while the police station isn’t that big, it’s worth grabbing that, too.

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