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How to Find Eggman in Vampire Survivors? – Answered

Even more Sonic the Hedgehog tributes!

by Nikola L

Eggman is not really a boss as you’d expect, but it’s a secret NPC for the most hardcore… no, the most HARDCOREST (Oxford people, please don’t shoot in my general direction) of the Vampire Survivors fans.

Yes, Eggman is an obvious Sonic the Hedgehog reference, and in this article, Prima Games delivers info on how to find the fabled Eggman and what he does to you and your precious characters.

How to Unlock Eggman in Vampire Survivors

Eggman is probably the biggest grind in Vampire Survivors so far. Well, technically, you can grind for it passively. What’s this about?

To unlock Eggman in Vampire Survivors, you need to have 5,000 Golden Eggs collected. And not just that, you need to have 1,000,000 (yes, that’s a million) gold unspent and ready. After you have this done, you may approach Eggman at one specific stage.

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On Which Stage is Eggman in Vampire Survivors?

Eggman can be found on the Moongolow stage after you fulfill the above condition of having five thousand golden eggs and 1 million gold on your Vampire Survivors “account.”

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Where Is Eggman in Vampire Survivors and What Does Eggman Do?

It’s rumored that he is just north of the usual Merchant. He offers two things:

  • Firstly, he sells Golden Eggs for 10,000 Gold a pop (the usual price).
  • Secondly, he can convert all of your gold into Golden Eggs. Crazy, right?

We hope you’ll enjoy adding millions of Golden Eggs to your favorite characters. Thank you for visiting this Prima Games guide for Vampire Survivors, and make sure to check out our Vampire Survivors game tag below for more content. We hope to see you soon!

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