How to Find & Destroy Mercenary Convoy in MW3 Zombies

Yeah, we got a little ol' convoy.

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The Interceptor mission needs to be completed to progress through the Tier 2 missions in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies mode. This mission requires players to find a mercenary convoy and destroy it, though it can not be found on the map at all.

How to Find the Mercenary Convoy in MW3 Zombies

Make sure to equip the Interceptor mission before loading into the Zombies map. Once equipped, the mercenary convoy can be found when entering the orange zone of the map. Players will land on the edges of the world at the start of the game, and the orange zone is more towards the center of the map.

It is a huge area, but it will not be long until finding the convoy. Entering the area from any direction will eventually trigger a radio call talking about that specific convoy. Multiple red vehicles will then appear on your minimap, which will be them.

The map is quite large, so it is necessary to have a vehicle to quickly get into the orange zone. Players should also have one upgraded weapon from the Pack-A-Punch, as enemies in the orange zone have increased health and damage.

How To Destroy the Mercenary Convoy in MW3 Zombies

Players will have to destroy the mercenary convoy by eliminating all enemies from the trucks. Players may have to actually destroy the trucks themselves for the objective to be completed.

While the convoy is destroyed, the Interceptor mission also requires players to pick up the Stronghold Keycard. You will have to physically pick it up around the site of the convoy.

The Stronghold Keycard gives access to the Mercenary Strongholds around the map, though it must be used within the same game. The keycard cannot be extracted and used in later games, unlike the keys in the Call of Duty: Warzone DMZ mode.

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