How to Find, Beat, and Unlock Acrid in Risk of Rain Returns

Acrid acid can't melt steel cages

Risk of Rain Returns’ cast of lovable, (probably) doomed survivors features both old and new faces. All the OGs are here, which means everyone’s favorite acidic lizard-dog, Acrid, is back again with a familiar unlock condition.

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Where to Find Acrid in Risk of Rain Returns

Acrid’s cage is located at the top right of the ‘Sunken Tombs’ map. To find it, you’ll need to hope that Sunken Tombs is your third stage, rather than Ancient Valley. If you’re trying to rush an Acrid unlock, it’s best to restart if Ancient Valley appears. Check the image below for the location of Acrid’s cage (it’s a little hard to see, but it’s at the very right of the photo!)

An important note is that I wouldn’t recommend trying this on Monsoon difficulty. If you’re just chasing the unlock, the worst feeling in the world is going to be getting clapped right before (or after) you finally find Acrid’s cage.

The easy part is finding Acrid, but the hard part is.. well, actually this part is pretty easy too. Time for Acrid to sleep the long sleep.

How to Beat Acrid in Risk of Rain Returns

Acrid is about as difficult as a “miniboss.” It has a few nasty abilities, mostly related to his ability to cause gnarly damage-over-time using acid, but nothing a halfway decent build won’t be able to overcome. The best advice here is to keep your distance. You don’t want to get caught by its short-ranged acid blasts.

Also, unlocking Acrid isn’t difficulty-dependent, meaning you can tackle it on Drizzle difficulty if you’re having trouble taking it down.

Once you’ve defeated the beast, you’ll be able to play as Acrid in any future runs! Its kit is largely focused on damage-over-time and kiting enemies at mid-range. Another survivor for your collection, and all it takes is a quick battle and a little luck getting the stage you need.

If you’re looking to up your unlock game extensively, check out our complete Risk of Rain Returns achievement guide!

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