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How to Find and Complete Iron Banner’s Weekly Challenges in Destiny 2

Bungie, for the love of Mara Sov, please fix this.

by Daphne Fama

The Dawning has ended but the flames of the Iron Banner have come to warm your old war bones. Yes, PvP players rejoice, Lord Saladin has returned to the Tower, and he has on offer eight weapons and a full set of Iron Companion armor, which is perfect if you like to look like a medieval knight in space.

But to participate in the Iron Banner, you must take on Lord Saladin’s Quest: Forging Iron. And those on Step 2 will quickly realize you need to complete “daily challenges” in order to progress.

What are the daily challenges and how can you find them? Lord Saladin isn’t offering bounties, so… where do you go? You aren’t the first person to ask this question and you won’t be the last. It’s been an ongoing issue that’s stumped even veteran players. Even Reddit is at a loss. Fortunately, we at Prima Games know the answer.

Here’s everything you need to know for how to complete the Iron Banner’s Daily challenge and complete this step of the Forging Iron Quest for Lord Saladin in Destiny 2.

How to Find and Complete Iron Banner’s Weekly Challenges in Destiny 2

So, first things first. Someone screwed up writing this quest line. It says “daily” challenge in your quest menu but actually, it should say weekly.

To see Iron Banner’s weekly challenges, you’ll need to navigate to the Crucible Menu and then hover over the Iron Banner emblem. There, in the golden box, will be a section labeled “CHALLENGES.” This is the “Daily” challenge you’ll need to complete.

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The challenge for this week is to complete three games of Iron Banner using either Stasis or Void subclasses. If you think that means you’re going to run into many bubble titans… you’re right. So, get ready for a world of frustration, unless they happen to be on your team, of course.

Complete those three games, and step 2 of Forging Iron will be complete. Congratulations, Guardian! Now good luck getting those 300 Banner Rank points.

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