How to Find and Beat the Greedy Shadow in Persona 3 Reload

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Persona 3 Reload Greedy Shadow Featured

After reaching a certain point in Tartarus, you might be greeted by a large creature known as a Greedy Shadow. Much like the golden Rare Shadows you encounter, catching this guy can get you tons of rewards, so here’s everything to know about the Greedy Shadow in Persona 3 Reload.

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Persona 3 Reload Greedy Shadow Explained

The Greedy Shadow is properly introduced in Persona 3 Reload when you reach the fourth Tartarus block, Tziah (around Floor 144). Fuuka will comment on its presence on a certain floor, and a huge Golden Hand Shadow will greet the party, only to flee immediately afterward.

Greedy Shadows will take all the treasure on the floor and immediately try to escape, so it’s up to you whether to chase it or not. If you choose to let it go, the whole floor will already have all of its chests opened. But if you chase the Shadow, you can retrieve all of the hoarded loot by defeating it in battle. It also drops rare medals similar to the regular Golden Shadows, which can later be sold for huge amounts of money.

You should always chase the Greedy Shadow since doing so means you get a whole floor’s worth of rewards and treasure, including items that would be locked behind Twilight Fragments. It also yields way more experience than normal enemies. Greedy Shadows will drop items even if you don’t manage to catch them.

Once you catch or lose it, you can proceed immediately to the next floor as Fuuka guides you to the stairs. In that sense, finding those rare opponents equals having a “free” floor.

How to Find the Greedy Shadow in Persona 3 Reload

Greedy Shadows appear at random during Tartarus explorations in Persona 3 Reload. Greedy Shadow’s spawning chances aren’t increased by using the Fortune Teller. Only one Greedy Shadow can appear per Tartarus Block in each infiltration; its loot depends on how far you are in Tartarus.

The first Greedy Shadow encounter shows you how it works. You get the Greedy Shadow signal from Fuuka and then choose to chase it. If you do so, you start a chase minigame where you have to guess where the Shadow went.

The chasing minigame is completely random. When picking a side to go, you can briefly see the Shadow escaping and one of the sides it could have gone, as in the example below.

But even when you can clearly see that the Shadow didn’t go right, there’s still a chance that picking right was the correct choice. You’ll always catch the tutorial Greedy Shadow, but subsequent encounters will be up to your luck, and such situations may happen.

Sometimes, team members can occasionally hint at where it is, so trust their gut if you don’t want to lose that bounty. There’s no visual indication of where the Shadow actually went, so don’t feel bad if you couldn’t find it. It’s just fully random chances at the end of the day.

However, once Fuuka reaches Level 64, she learns Tartarus Search. This skill normally reveals the whole Floor layout and enemies’ positions. But when you find a Greedy Shadow and Fuuka has Tartarus Search, you can use it for 50 SP to catch the Shadow and engage it in battle immediately.

Use Tartarus Search whenever possible, especially since by that point of the game, you probably don’t have to rely so much on Fuuka buffing your team at the start of battles. Getting that loot is way more important than anything.

If you pick the wrong side, Fuuka informs you that it’s running away, and you’ll see a small cutscene of the Shadow teleporting away from the floor. All that’s left is to advance to the next one, as nothing is left in this one. You still get some loot, though.

How to Beat the Greedy Shadow in Persona 3 Reload

When faced in battle, the Greedy Shadows have huge HP pools but take increased damage and are usually weak to an attack type. Bold Checkmate from the Tziah block is weak to Strike, for example.

Focus on setting up buffs during the first turn, then use Analyze with Fuuka on the second one to know exactly what to go for. And even if you can’t hit it with its weaknesses, don’t hesitate to use a Theurgy to bring it down quickly and claim your spoils.

Greedy Shadow Weaknesses

There are three separate types of Greedy Shadows in Persona 3 Reload, and each one has its own set of strengths and weaknesses, including the following:

  • Bold Checkmate: weak to Slash.
  • Principled Checkmate: no strengths or weaknesses.
  • Dutiful Checkmate: weak to Fire.

When up against a Greedy Shadow, you always want to try to hit its weakness to maximize your damage output (when not using a Theurgy). When it comes to Principled Checkmate, aim to get a few Critical Hits if you can.

Chasing the Greedy Shadow is always worthwhile, even if it is sometimes quite frustrating. At the very least, you’re always rewarded with a few loot, so it’s not a completely useless effort even if you fail. And even if you do, regular Rare Shadows can still compensate for your losses later.

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