How to Farm Rare Shadows in Persona 3 Reload (P3R)

Find out how to farm Rare Shadows in Persona 3 Reload

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Persona 3 Reload features plenty of unique enemies you can battle to your heart’s content, but Rare Shadows are easily the most desirable. Let’s find out the easiest way to find them more often, and why we should.

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How To Find Rare Shadows More Often in Persona 3 Reload

Rare Shadows live up to their namesake as they are rather uncommon to come across during your normal playthrough. While exploring Tartarus, you may encounter shining golden Shadows that offer better items overall, so you’ll want to destroy them as quickly as possible. For example, if you’re facing off against a Wealth Hand, you’ll receive better items overall compared to their normal variants.

If you’re hoping to turn the tide in your favor, you can head to Club Escapade and speak with the Fortune Teller inside to increase your odds of encountering Rare Shadows more often. Starting on 4/21, you’ll have your first chance to explore Paulownia Mall and head to her location.

If you’re hoping to get to Club Escapade, you’ll want to head to Paulownia Mall during the evening since this is the only time that the Club is open and available. You’ll also want to ensure that you’ve boosted your Courage, as you can only enter after you’ve reached Confidence Level 2 — known in the game as Ordinary. There are a variety of ways that you can boost your Confidence, including the following:

  • Play “House of the Deceased” at the Paulownia Mall Arcade
  • Sleep in Class (when the option is available)
  • Complete the Big Eater Burger Challenge or visit Wilduck Burger
  • Sing Karaoke at the Paulownia Mall
  • Get a part-time job at Screen Shots
  • Speak with the School Nurse after visiting Tartarus the night prior and drink the Potent Potion

Once inside the club, speak with the Fortune Teller and purchase the Rarity Fortune, which will cost you ¥3000 to increase your overall chances of encountering Rare Shadows. After you have purchased the Rarity Fortune, you’ll want to head back into Tartarus and start exploring prior and upcoming floors to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your fortune-telling.

Is The Fortune Teller The Best Way To Encounter Rare Shadows?

If you’re hoping to come across Rare Shadows more often, there is no better way to do it than visiting the Fortune Teller before venturing into Tartarus. While Rare Shadows are still not going to show up nearly as often as their normal counterparts, this is going to be the easiest way to farm them. Make sure that you have plenty of healing items so you can stay within the walls of Tartarus for as long as you may need to.

Make sure that you keep your eyes peeled on our Persona 3 Reload section below to learn more about the game, and find out how to enter the Velvet Room when not in Tartarus.

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