How to Find an Ancient City in Minecraft

Here is a guide on how you can find an Ancient City in Minecraft.

Finding an Ancient City in Minecraft is not an easy feat. These magnificent ruins are incredibly rare and takes some time to locate one. Here is how to find an Ancient City in Minecraft.

Ancient Cities: How to Find One in Minecraft

Nothing beats playing a video game and stumbling across an incredibly rare item or location. It is even better when you have been searching for it for hours or even days and you end up finally locating it.

Every game has its rare spectacle. For Minecraft, it’s the Ancient Cities. These massive locations are exquisite, and some will spend hours, if not days searching for one.

Finding an Ancient City in Minecraft is simpler than a lot of people realize, but still incredibly hard. To find one, you have to rely solely on luck. There is no special cheat code to finding an Ancient City, you just have to dig until you locate a Deep Dark biome and hope there is an Ancient City inside of it.

So how do you find a Deep Dark biome in Minecraft?

How to Find a Deep Dark Biome in Minecraft

Locating a Deep Dark biome is something that you can do a bit easier than finding an Ancient City. Still, though, these biomes are not guaranteed when venturing underground. They are just not as rare as the cities.

To find a Deep Dark biome, you are first going to need to acquire a couple of pickaxes. Then, dig underground until you’ve reached the negative Y levels.

Digging from atop a mountain can sometimes give you a better chance at locating one of these biomes, making it easier to potentially find an Ancient City in Minecraft.

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