How to Find All the Yeti Clues and Get the Yeti Outfit in GTA Online

Isn't this just a recolor...

If you ever wanted to strut down the street wearing nothing but fur, the Yeti outfit is for you. Here’s how to find all the Yeti clues in GTA Online.

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How to Find All the Yeti Clues and Get the Yeti Outfit in GTA Online

What better way to spend this holiday season than terrorizing your local cryptid? And the Yeti is on the menu this year. Here’s how you can kill it and wear its skin.

How to Unlock the Yeti Quest in GTA Online

First, to even start this quest, you’ll need to head to the very north of the map near Fort Zancudo. Once you do, you’ll get a message from Tanner, a local hunter. He’ll warn you that something in the woods almost killed him. You’ll then get a white circle marker on your map, the area where five clues can be found.

All Yeti Clue Locations in GTA Online

There are five total Yeti Clues that you’ll need to get the Yeti to spawn. They don’t have to be found in any particular order, and four out of the five can be found near the road. You’ll get an audio cue once you’re near a Yeti Clue, which will sound like a heartbeat.

Clue 1: Car Near Bridge

Once you find yourself at the bridge, get out of your car and look beneath it. You’ll find a flipped car. Interact with it, and you’ll have your first clue, plus $10,000.

Clue 2: Fallen Tree

Just down the road, heading west from the bridge, you’ll see a tree that’s been snapped at its base. Beneath this tree will be a head and a variety of snow-covered body parts. Interact with these fleshy bits for your second clue.

Clue 3: Bloodied Tent

Follow the road north, and you’ll need to get out of the car to find the bloodied tent. It’s in a clearing at the crossroads and it’s pretty easy to spot.

Clue 4: Bloody T-shirt

From the bloody tent, head East and get out around where my map marks. You’ll find a car in a ditch. Unlike the last flipped car, the actual clue is the bloody t-shirt near the front of it. It will be on the ground. It’s white, so it can be hard to see. Interact with it to get the fourth clue.

Clue 5: Dead Deer

Our final clue will require us to leave the road and our car. Head towards the river and there on the bank, you’ll find a dead deer. This is the last thing we need to get the Yeti to spawn.

How to Get the Yeti to Spawn in GTA Online

Now that you have all five clues, the last thing you need to do is to be in the right place at the right time.

The Yeti will appear if you’re within the quest area and it’s night. If it’s not night, you’ll need to return to this area when it is. Night, for our purposes, is 21:00-:06:00 in-game.

But if it’s already night, and you picked up your final clue, the Yeti will immediately spawn. You’ll be able to see a flashing red skull on your minimap, which indicates its position.

The Yeti will then attack you, and he’s quite strong. But if you manage to bring him down, you’ll get the Yeti Outfit and $50,000.

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