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How to Find All Missing Dolls in Redfall

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by Daphne Fama

We’re finally going to where it all began. The House of Dr. Addison, who began experimenting with blood and became the Hollow Man. But to uncover the full truth, we’ll need to do some puzzling. Here’s how to find all three dolls in Redfall’s The House of Echoes.

How to Find All Missing Dolls in Redfall

Behind every crazed madman, there’s a sickly daughter who means the world to him. Amelia seems to have truly loved her dollhouse and dolls, and for some reason we’ll need to find all three and put them back in the dollhouse in order to progress the quest.

So, let’s get to it. Here’s a succinct list of where to find each of the dolls.

  • Doll 1 is in the greenhouse behind the house.
  • Doll 2 is in the kitchen on the first floor.
  • Doll 3 is in the loft in Amelia’s tent.

Now, here’s a more in-depth explanation of how to find them.

Before we even get started, note that the dollhouse is actually the Addison house. The glowy blue images of the dolls show their real life location (and how they’re posed) in the house. If you’re struggling to find a room, like the kitchen, keep that in mind.

How to Find Doll 1 in Redfall

To grab that first doll, we’re going to need to go outside. It’s possible to leave the house through the nearby open window and wind up on the balcony. If you do so, you’ll have clear line of sights to the greenhouse, the Watcher poised on the roof, and the Cultists guarding the greenhouse. It makes for a good sniper nest.

But be wary. If you accidentally alert everyone because you missed a sniper shot, you’ll get jumped by the handful of vampires haunting the house.

If you opt not to go through the balcony, just make your way to the back of the house and walk to the greenhouse on foot, while being mindful of the two Watchers.

Walk through the door of the greenhouse and head straight back. The doll will be sitting on your left.

How to Find Doll 2 in Redfall

From the greenhouse, head back into the house. The kitchen is on the far left of the house (if you were looking at the front of the house). The doll will be pinned down by a stake on the central kitchen counter. Spooky!

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How to Find Doll 3 in Redfall

The final doll requires us to jump through a few more hoops. Near Amelia’s room, there’s a locked door that leads to the loft. We’ll need to unlock this door. Fortunately, the key is nearby.

If you’re in Amelia’s room, go to the door and look down the hall. You’ll see a room that has Hollow Man written over the top of it.

Go into this room, and you’ll find the Loft Key on a crate in front of the bed.

Take the key, go into the loft, and head up into the attic. On the first right of the attic, you’ll find an alcove that hosts a tent. In the tent is our final doll.

Now, you just need to bring all three dolls back to the dollhouse and put them in their proper place!

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