How to Find Aliens in Disguise in The Sims 4

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The Sims 4 how to find aliens in disguise
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There are plenty of occult characters you can create and interact with in The Sims 4, with aliens from the Get to Work expansion being one of several examples. Here are some ways to find aliens in disguise in The Sims 4.

The Sims 4: Get to Work – How to Find Disguised Aliens

There are multiple ways to find aliens in disguise in The Sims 4:

  1. Look for a glowing light around the alien.
  2. WooHoo with them.
  3. Encounter one as a scientist.
  4. Use the secret alien handshake.

Look for the Glowing Light

If an alien is experiencing strong emotions, such as very happy, flirty, sad, or confident, they’ll glow in the mood’s respective color. For example, if they’re very happy, a green light will appear. Similarly, if they’re sad or confident, they’ll glow blue.

This trait is exclusive to aliens, making it a dead giveaway if you can elicit these emotions in the Sim.

Woohoo With an Alien Sim

If you suspect that a Sim is an alien, use your Sim’s charm to uncover this secret. WooHooing with an alien Sim will immediately reveal their identity, notifying you that your “amorous activity” led to this discovery.

If you take this a step further and have children with an alien Sim, your children have a chance to look partially alien-like. However, this doesn’t make them a human-alien hybrid; they’ll still be human, but they’ll inherit some traits from their alien parent.

Encounter Aliens as a Scientist

Sims pursuing the Scientist career have higher odds of encountering aliens, both through their inventions and career events. They also have higher chances of being abducted by aliens and can even influence these odds through machines like the satellite dish and wormhole generator.

Use the Secret Alien Handshake

If you’re playing as an alien Sim and want to find another, you can use a secret, alien-exclusive handshake. To do this, head into the Friendly social menu, select Activities, and pick Secret Handshake.

While the image above shows two revealed aliens doing this, you can have two disguised aliens perform the handshake, too.

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