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How to Fast Travel in Tears of the Kingdom

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by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
How to Fast Travel is Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

It’s fun to roam and get lost in open-world games with gigantic maps, but if you want to get stuff done faster, you don’t want to spend half an hour traversing from one point on the map to the next. That is why most open-world games feature fast travel. Breath of the Wild had this feature, and its sequel follows suit. So, let’s figure out how to fast travel in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Fast Travel in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

At the beginning of the game, while you are locked on Great Sky Island, fast travel will not be accessible because, in this starting zone, you need to learn the basics of traversal in Tears of the Kingdom. When you complete the first four Shrines on these flying islands and land on Hyrule’s surface world for the first time, go to the first nearby camp. It is Lookout Landing, a small encampment with a tall tower; you can’t miss it. Just follow the “To the Kingdom of Hyrule” quest and talk with Purah – she will unlock fast travel from your Purah Pad.

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The blue circles (as in the picture above) will serve as the travel points to which you can jump from the map (third tab in the minus button menu). These locations will be any completed Shrines or unlocked Skyview Towers. As some key locations like settlements or entrances to some places of interest will not be fast travel points, always check if there is a Shrine near them, so that you can easily return there. Also, completing Shrines will reward you with Light of Blessing orbs needed to increase your Health or Stamina, so you have a very good reason to complete every Shine you find on the map. As for Skyview Towers, they will unlock maps and also serve as a fast-travel location, but some of them are not always easy to unlock.

The cool thing about fast travel in Tears of the Kingdom is that you can freely jump to all unlocked travel points, whether they are in completely distant different zones or even on completely different maps; whether it’s Sky, Surface, or Depths, you can fast travel and quickly jump from any location to another, and somehow the loading screens don’t take that much time. Maybe Nintendo really doesn’t need new hardware after all?

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