How to Fast Travel in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Find out if you can do everything a spider can, including zipping around the world faster than the blink of an eye.

Having a speedy way to make your way around the massive world of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 may sound sacrilegious, especially when the web-swinging that was brought to the table in the first two entries has been so good. However, getting to jump from one side of the map to the other in an almost instantaneous transition looks fantastic, and can get you started on the next mission as quickly as possible. Let’s find out what we’ll need to do

To start Fast Traveling, you’ll just need to pinpoint a location on your map. You don’t need to worry about a specific landmark or waypoint, just find a spot you’d like to visit. Once you have found your spot, you can press and hold the Triangle button on your controller of choice to start the Fast Travel process. Within literal seconds, you’ll be teleported across the map, ready to swing into action.

Since this feature takes advantage of the SSD of the PlayStation 5, it’s easy to understand why older-generation hardware would not be up to the challenge. Since we can swap between our favorite web-slingers on the fly, we may find ourselves on the other side of the in-game world, so knowing how to get across New York in a flash is always important. You may need to get a mission done quickly, so zooming across the map in a literal second or two is going to save us a lot of time.

Be sure that you’re prepared for anything by checking out our Spider-Man 2 section below, where you can learn if the game has any multiplayer functionality, and if a competing system will have access to the game. We’re already getting our favorite suits ready to join in the fun, so get ready to take on the biggest Spider-Man villains in style.

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