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How to Fast Travel in Diablo 4

Why walk when you can abuse quantum mechanics

by Daphne Fama
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Diablo 4 is set in a sprawling open world full of things that want to kill you and people that need saving. It can be quite tedious to hoof it around, and the ability to instantly zip to whatever city you like makes things much easier. Here’s how to fast travel in Diablo 4.

How to Fast Travel in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 starts you off in a dank corner in the middle of a snow-frosted nowhere, and you’ll spend quite a bit of time just walking around. Walking and killing Warg and eventually even Fallen. You might be wondering, as you unlock the first village, whether it’s possible to move a little quicker.

The answer is yes. Diablo 4 does have waypoints, which are scattered throughout the map. But if you’ve just started your game, getting to the first waypoint will take some time. You’ll need to complete the first dungeon and its boss, then make the long trip north to Kyovashad.

This is the first city you’ll find, and the waypoint itself will be at the center. You can tell if the waypoint is on the map or nearby by its symbol: a circle with a triangle in it. Approach the waypoint to activate it and you’ll then be able to use it to travel to other waypoints.

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Unfortunately, the village we’ve previously visited used to have a waypoint of its own, but it’s now defunct. So, if you ever feel like taking a trip down memory lane, you’re going to have to hoof it back. Personally, I think those stew-gobblers can stay exactly where I left them.

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