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How to Farm Tasoma Extract in Warframe

Almost looks like a little octopus.

by Shawn Robinson
Warframe Tasoma Extract

Like any open-ended space with paths you can branch off into in Warframe, Duviri features a lot of resources to collect for some fairly useful items. Take the Rune Marrow mainly found in the Circuit mode, for example, which has usefulness for a few of the new melee weapons found in the game. One such resource can be surprisingly hard to find but is useful across several different weapons. Here’s how to farm Tasoma Extract in Warframe.

Where to Find Tasoma Extract in Warframe

Warframe Tasoma Deposit
Image via Prima Games.

As mentioned above, Tasoma Extract is found when exploring Duviri in either The Duviri Experience or the Lone Story. More specifically, it can only be found when exploring caves. You’re looking for something that looks like two brown jellyfish connected by their tendrils. We’ve also provided an image above if you’re having trouble finding it. Break this, and you’ll be given anywhere from two to four Tasoma Extract.

What is Tasoma Extract Used for in Warframe?

Regarding where the resource is used, Tasoma Extract goes into five different crafting recipes. As far as actual weapons go, 20 Extract is required for crafting the Cinta bow, while 30 is required for crafting the Edun polearm. Otherwise, the other three recipes are for leveling the Incarnon Genesis upgrades on the Braton, Miter, and Strun. All of these will require 60 Extract each. As of writing, you’ll need 230 Extract to get everything requiring Tasoma Extract in Warframe.

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While not the most useful resource in all of Warframe, Tasoma Extract plays into two weapons that will either provide you with some extra progress on your mastery or give you a new weapon to add to your growing arsenal. Incarnon Genesis weapons are also very important since these weapons are seriously elevated with enhancements. If you’re curious to see the full list of Incarnon Genesis weapons in Warframe, check out our guide on the subject.

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