How to Farm Stormwolf Druid Uniques in Diablo 4

Du the Duriel.

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If you’re shooting for one of the most unique and powerful Druid builds this season, I have good news: You can target-farm the Uniques required to be an awesome electric werewolf. Here’s how to farm Stormwolf Druid uniques in Diablo 4.

How to Farm Greatstaff of the Crone in Diablo 4

Let’s start off simple: Greatstaff of the Crone. To farm for this, you’ll need to kill one of the newly added endgame bosses. Specifically, Varshan is who we’ll be targeting. To summon Varshan, you’ll need to complete Whispers of the Dead while keeping an eye out for Grotesque Debtor enemies. These enemies drop Parts of Varshan’s Body, which you’ll need three separate pieces of to summon him. Whispers, if you aren’t sure, are the bounties that allow you to claim rewards from the Tree of Whispers. Claiming rewards guarantees a body part drop, so be sure you’re turning in your Grim Favor when the bar is full.

Once you have all three parts, those being the Trembling Hand, Blackened Femur, and Gurgling Head, enter the Malignant Tunnel to the left of the Tree of Whispers, make your way to the back, and summon the boss. This fight can be completed on either Tier III or Tier IV, so it’s a great early endgame farm. Furthermore, this is the foundational Unique of the build, as it causes your Claw to cast Storm Strike at the same time, so it’s a great first Unique to start with.

How to Farm Mad Wolf’s Glee in Diablo 4

If that sounds a little complicated, rest assured that Mad Wolf’s Glee is farmed exactly the same way as above. As an added bonus, you can also find this Unique by killing the endgame boss Zir in World Tier IV, who is summoned using materials from Legion Events.

Zir is summoned using nine Exquisite Blood, which drops from both Legion Events and World Bosses in World Tier IV. You can find him in the Darkened Way, located in Fractured Peaks.

How to Farm Tempest Roar in Diablo 4

Tempest Roar is only dropped by Duriel in World Tier IV. Summoning Duriel is a little more involved, so let’s break down the steps:

  • Summon and Kill Varshan twice in World Tier IV to obtain two Mucus-Slick Eggs
    • Summoning Varshan requires three types of body part, as mentioned above, but doing so in World Tier IV requires a Malignant Heart as well
    • Travel to the Malignant Tunnel next to the Tree of Whispers to summon Varshan
  • Summon and Kill Grigoire twice in World Tier IV to obtain two Shards of Agony
    • Summoning Grigoire requires five Living Steel, acquired from Living Steel chests in Helltides
    • Travel to the Hall of the Penitent in the Dry Steppes to summon Grigoire
  • Travel to the Gaping Crevasse in Kehjistan to summon Duriel
  • Pray

Duriel is a no-joke uber-endgame boss, so you’ll probably want to be level-capped (level 100) with appropriate gear and Paragon point distribution before you face him. For a full list of uniques dropped from the bosses above, check out our Diablo 4 endgame boss loot table guide.

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