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How to Extract the GS Magna from COD DMZ

The beefed up Desert Eagle.

by Daniel Wenerowicz

Two secondary weapons were added to the Call of Duty DMZ and Modern Warfare 2 with the Season 3 Reloaded update, and that means some new weapons for players to extract like the GS Magna. Because they were added as mid-season weapons, they have to be unlocked through challenges or bundles rather than simply gaining XP.

Unlocking most seasonal weapons can be done by completing a standard challenge or attempting to extract it from the COD DMZ. The same process can be done for the GS Magna and the FTAC Siege, but getting the latest version of the Desert Eagle may be tougher than you imagine. Here’s how to extract the GS Magna from Call of Duty DMZ.

COD DMZ – How to Extract the GS Magna

At first, I figured out how the find the fully automatic desert eagle by accident. Without having to rely in taking down enemy operators, you can find the GS Magna by taking down one of the new bosses in the Koschei Complex. Two bosses can be found inside the dark corridors, but the one you want to face is the Rhino.

The Rhino boss can be found in the Factory Admin section of the Koschei Complex. To reach this, you’ll need to get beyond the initial bunker door that leads to the true darkness. With some night vision goggles equipped, check the hallways beyond the Chemical Plant section. You’ll eventually find the Factory Admin door where the Rhino and the GS Magna are in the DMZ.

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To get beyond this point, a key is required and those are entirely random in the Koschei Complex. When you manage to find one, come back and open the door. Get to the other side where you can take down the Rhino and steal his GS Magna. Some players will get lucky before this point and simply eliminate another player carrying a GS Magna in the COD DMZ. Either way, you’ll need to extract it to finish your mission.

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