How to Evolve Yanma in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Not the Mega Evolutions we asked for but here we are

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Yanma is one of the very first Pokemon you can find in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC The Teal Mask. Lurking in the fields of Kitakami, this little and innocent dragonfly can evolve fairly quickly into a not-so-little and definitely-not-innocent insect powerhouse. That is, as long as it knows its ancient roots. Here’s what you need to do for that.

How to Evolve Yanma into Yanmega in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Yanma evolves to Yanmega at any level as long as it’s leveled up while knowing Ancient Power. It usually learns this move at Level 33, but it will probably not have it if you catch it at a higher level, which is the case in The Teal Mask as it’s found around Level 57 in the wild.

So all you have to do is put Yanma in your party and make it remember the move by selecting it and heading to Check Summary > Moves and Stats > Change Moves. Look for Ancient Power and teach it to your Yanma instead of any other previous move. Now level it up once and sit back as the evolution magic happens.

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You can level up Yanma by keeping it in your party and battling other Pokemon or by giving it some Exp. Candies obtained by participating in any Tera Raids scattered around the game—a single Exp. Candy L should do the job, but you can also just use a regular Rare Candy if you want to make sure.

There’s no need to keep Ancient Power in Yanmega’s move pool once it evolves if you don’t want it, so you can teach its old moves back or give it some completely new tricks to do with the new TMs we got in with the DLC. And trust me, there are a lot of these you don’t want to miss out on! 

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