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How to Evolve Sliggoo into Goodra in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

There's probably a market for Goodra slime

by Daphne Fama

There is one dragon Pokemon that has enchanted and disgusted trainers since its introduction in Generation IV – Goomy, the Soft Tissue Pokemon. The debate makes sense: I like Goomy, and that classification makes me cringe. But there’s also no denying that while it’s soft and circular (all positive qualities in a Pokemon) it definitely looks a bit like a booger.

And it only gets stranger as it evolves, turning from slime drop to half-formed slime snail. But hold out, trainer, because once we get to Goodra, things drastically improve. The soulless, flat eyes of Sliggoo get a little life, and Goodra itself turns into a Pokemon that clearly just wants to hug you.

Maybe to drip some of its trademark goo on you.

But actually getting a Goodra in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can be quite difficult!

How to Evolve Sliggoo into Goodra in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Goomy is one of the many dragon families you can find across Paldea, and like the other dragons, it has a high threshold to evolve. You’ll need to wait until level 40 for Goomy to evolve in Sliggoo, and then another 10 levels until Level 50 for Sliggoo to evolve into Goodra.

But you may have noticed while leveling Sliggoo that it stubbornly refuses to evolve. That’s because you need rainy weather conditions for Sliggoo to evolve in Scarlet and Violet, and unfortunately that’s not something that comes easily.

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While trainers have no control over the weather in Paldea, there are certain locations that seem to have a higher frequency of rain. If you’ve made it to mid-to-late game in story mode, you should have access to North Province (Area Two). The area full of bamboo and Bisharp, closest to the Pokecenter labeled North Province (Area Two) seems to constantly get downpours. But if it stops raining here, you can head South of where Eri’s Fighting Crew Base was, and there’s a chance that it will rain there.

Weather in Paldea isn’t static, and I’ve had it change on me after two or three battles where I was attempting to level Sliggoo. It might be a good idea to just get your Sliggoo to nom on a Rare Candy if you’re impatient. But the rain will always return.

Good luck getting that Goodra, Trainer!

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