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How to Evolve Nymble into Lokix in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Just don't let it near any local cash crops

by Lucas White

With all the different kinds of new Pokémon lying in the world of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, there’s a lot of catching to do. And after that there’s almost as much evolving. It’s a lot of work, capturing wild animals and making them fight other animals for sport and profit. Oh right, it isn’t just animals, it’s animal-sized insects as well. Insects such as Nymble, a critter that sort of looks like a cricket mixed with an ant.

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Nymble evolves into Lokix, which I guess changes this pocket monster from a cricket into more of a, well, locust? I mean, if locusts were bipedal and also kinda looked like the Batmobile if it was a person. Which is an appropriate description since evolving into Lokix from Nymble changes its typing from just Bug to Bug/Dark.

In order to evolve Nymble, simply raise it to level 24. If you find yourself receiving a Nymble that is already level 24 or higher for some reason, just level it up once and the evolution will still trigger.

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If you’re just trying to fill out your Pokedex and don’t care about raising it yourself, you can catch a wild Lokix all over the place in northern Paldea, and area six of South Province.

And if dark and brooding isn’t how you like your cartoon locust robot things, if you seek out a Shiny version and manage to get a hold of one it’s a much brighter, gold-like color. Quite a reversal, that’s for sure.

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