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How to Evolve Chansey in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Friendship gives you wings. And eggs

by Patrick Souza
Blissey Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Is there anything not to love about Chansey? This loveable egg-shaped Pokemon has it all: a cute appearance, it prepares Soft-Boiled eggs for the whole team, and is a huge meat wall even while not fully evolved. Their evolutionary family is so eggs-pectacular that they even work together with the Joys at the Pokemon Centers.

So if you’re looking for how to evolve it into its definitive form of Blissey, search no more as all that it takes is just a bit of love! Or some other Pokemon shenanigans. Anyways. here’s what you need to do in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to get your own, eggs-clusive Blissey.

How to Evolve Chansey in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Just like many other forms introduced in Gen II, Chansey needs high Friendship to evolve. It doesn’t need to be at any specific level as long as you meet the required amount, and it will immediately evolve at the moment it levels up with the correct amount.

So to keep its sunny side up to you, make sure to treat it well so the Friendship values go up faster. Generation VIII lowered the required amounts from 220 to 160 and the value continues in Scarlet and Violet, so you should get your Blissey in no time.

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How to Increase Friendship in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The first way you can do it is by catching a Pokemon in a Friend Ball which will immediately set its Friendship to 150. Friend Balls can be obtained as a reward for catching 260 species or randomly found in the auctions happening in Port Marinada. 

All of the other ways are as basic as they can get: walking around with the Pokemon in your party and winning battles without fainting will increase your Friendship gradually, and said values will be doubled if your Pokemon is holding a Soothe Bell. Making a Picnic will also increase the friendship of all participants.

So in summary, just take good care of Chansey, and it should evolve in no time. If you happened to catch it with a Friend Ball, this shouldn’t take more than mere minutes to get those eggcellent results.

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