How to Enter Dogtown in Cyberpunk 2077

Who let the dogs in?

Dogtown Entrance Cyberpunk 2077
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Phantom Liberty is a whole new opportunity for an expansive storyline in Cyberpunk 2077, but before you can get started, you need to enter Dogtown. Getting there won’t be as easy as walking through a door, and there may be more than a few guards, so I’m here to help you get started.

How to Reach Dogtown in Cyberpunk 2077

To enter Dogtown, you need to head south toward Pacifica in Night City and clear out the guards at the giant stadium to find Songbird. Not only is the stadium massive but there are plumes of smoke and plenty of lights to grab your attention, so it’s hard to miss. You can have the area marked on your map by opening up your Journal and selecting the “Phantom Liberty” or “Dog Eat Dog” quest. This will at least lead you in the right direction.

Dogtown Entrance Map
Screenshot by Prima Games.

Once you make it to the stadium, countless guards will be waiting at the gate. When I got there, they were in a shootout, and then all their attention turned to me. You could get lucky and not have to deal with any hostiles. However, I had to fight tons of guards, including their snipers and their extended mechs.

After a 10-minute-long fight, the front entrance to Dogtown was clear. I still couldn’t enter from there, and you can’t either. Instead, search the area to the right highlighted in yellow on your map. Eventually, your relic will start to malfunction, and Songbird will appear. She is your key to entering Dogtown in Cyberpunk 2077.

How to Enter Dogtown:

  • Head to the stadium in the south of Night City near Pacifica.
  • Get past the guards and find Songbird.
  • Get gate access from Mr. Hands.

This sequence will lead you to the start of Phantom Liberty, which is a few hours long. Until you finish the prologue, there will be no way to enter or leave Dogtown. You need to be tasked with finding Solomon Reed before you can freely enter the area. Mr. Hands helps you out with access and then going where you please is no issue at all.

If you need a better ride to move around Dogtown, check out our guide on all the free vehicles you can get in Cyberpunk 2077.

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