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How to Enable the Castlevania Soundtrack in Dead Cells

Maybe this isn't the worst night to have a curse

by Lucas White

There’s a lot going on in the new Dead Cells Return to Castlevania DLC. It has new biomes, new bosses, a ton of new equipment and a bunch of unlockable costumes. There’s even deep cut cameos like Shanoa and Mathias! But perhaps one of the best parts is the music, because Castlevania music is a library overflowing with bangers. But did you know that not only do the new biomes feature Castlevania music arrangements, but there’s a whole soundtrack selection for the entirety of Dead Cells? Here’s how to change the soundtrack to Castlevania in Dead Cells.

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How to Enable the Castlevania Soundtrack in Dead Cells

This is a bonus that, to my knowledge, isn’t clearly advertised in the game. I went through multiple runs without realizing it was a thing you could do, so hopefully this guide helps out other Castlevania sickos who aren’t the best at paying attention. The first order of business is that, in order to change the Dead Cells soundtrack you can only do so on the title screen. You can see the option during gameplay in the pause menu, but it becomes inaccessible.

So on the title screen, head down to the options menu, then sound. Scroll down the sound options a little and you’ll see the “Alternative Soundtracks” option. Click that and you can choose Castlevania from a small list. This replaces the entire soundtrack with music from Symphony of the Night and Rondo of Blood, alongside the new arrangements made for the DLC. Each Biome has its own track, and even the breaks between stages. It’s very cool.

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For the full Castlevania experience, change the soundtrack, start a custom game and set the items to the new stuff only, then wear the outfit for your favorite Belmont. At that point the game may as well not be Dead Cells anymore! Well, except for all the other stuff you can’t tinker with.

Lucas White

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