How to Enable Resizable BAR in Starfield

What a strange name for a performance boost.

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Starfield’s release has mostly been met with praise, but there have been a few things most people agree are a problem with the game. The lack of DLSS and FOV support is a major part of it, though the team recently said they’re working on fixing that problem. On that same line of thinking, performance has been a point of contention for many players. Thankfully, Nvidia users have a secret way to improve that. Here’s how to enable Resizable BAR in Starfield.

How to Get Resizable BAR Active for Starfield

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This feature is exclusively available for Nvidia graphics cards, with noticeable performance improvements on 30 and 40-series cards.

Resizable BAR is a bit of a process if you haven’t enabled it for other games in the past. I’ve included a Table of Contents above, so feel free to skip any sections that you have already done in the past.

Enable Resizable BAR/CAM in Your Motherboard BIOS

Before you can consider getting Resizable BAR, you’ll need to enable it in your motherboard’s BIOS. As much as I’d love to go into how you can do that in your own BIOS, almost every motherboard is designed differently. While you’ll have to find the path to do that yourself, I can tell you how to find out which motherboard you have. To do so:

  • Type System Information into your PC’s search bar.
  • Open the program and search for “BaseBoard Manufacturer” and “Baseboard Product”
  • These two put together are your motherboard.

For example, my System Information page lists my BaseBoard Manufacturer as ASRock and my BaseBoard Product as B560 Pro4. This makes my motherboard the ASRock B560 Pro4.

Update Your Nvidia GPU Drivers

Starfield GPU Drivers
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While I would’ve had to explain this entire section about the Nvidia Profile Inspector (more on that in a minute), Nvidia released a new driver for 30 and 40-series GPUs that automatically enables Resizable BAR. The easiest way to update these drivers is to open up the Nvidia GeForce Experience application, open the Drivers tab, and download the latest driver listed. Be sure to select Express Installation when prompted between Express and Custom Installation.

If you don’t have GeForce Experience, you can also head to Nvidia’s official site and download the drivers for your specific graphics card there.

Finishing Up

Starfield Nvidia Control Panel
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Once both the above conditions are met, Resizable BAR should be automatically enabled. To ensure that it is, open up the Nvidia Control Panel application that should be installed already and click System Information in the bottom left of the application. Within the new window, you should see Resizable BAR listed with a Yes next to it. If it says No, then you may need to force Resizable BAR through a program called Nvidia Profile Inspector. This post on Reddit includes a comprehensive list of instructions on how to do that.

If you’re looking for help with increasing performance, check out our guide on how to download and use the Starfield DLSS mod.

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