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How to Emote Thanks to a Teammate in Overwatch 2

Great job standing in spawn, fellow player.

by Shawn Robinson

Overwatch 2 might be fun on its own, but trying to complete your challenges can do that while netting you some sweet rewards. Most of these challenges are straightforward, such as winning games while queued as All Roles, while others can take a little more thought, such as playing games as characters not in your top three most played. One challenge seems to be tripping a lot of players up due to the wording, though we’re here to help. Here’s how to emote Thanks to a teammate in Overwatch 2.

How to Emote Thanks to a Support Hero in Overwatch 2

There are a few places where you may have noticed this challenge. Sometimes, it can show up as its own daily challenge. At the time of writing though, it’s one of the challenges for the Valentine’s event, netting you a few voice lines. This is likely where a lot of you found it, and the wording can make it seem like you need to perform an emote from the emote wheel. Yet despite that, it has nothing to do with emotes at all.

To get this challenge, head into a standard Quick Play match as whatever role you want. Once in the lobby, look at one of your team’s Support heroes. Then, hold C or down on the D-Pad and select the Thanks option. If the chat says you said thanks to that hero, you should have the challenge completed once the match is done. It’s that simple, and you’ll pick up either Battle Pass XP or, in the case of the Valentine’s event, Pharah and Sojourn voice lines.

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While having difficult challenges gives a sense of accomplishment on completion, having easy ones to get you progress can be equally welcoming. Now stop flaming your supports!

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