How to Earn the Platinum Kanto Medal in Pokemon GO

All 151 required.

Kanto Platinum Medal Pokemon GO
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Before you can make any real progress in the All-in-One #151 Special Research, you need to earn the Platinum Kanto Medal in Pokemon GO. As you might expect, earning any regional platinum medal is no easy task, but I’ll explain exactly how you can get one for yourself in my Trainer guide. Here’s how to earn the Platinum Kanto Medal in Pokemon GO.

How to Get the Platinum Kanto Medal in Pokemon GO

You must catch all 151 original Pokemon to earn the Platinum Kanto Medal. That includes regional catches like Mr. Mime, who is one of the hardest to find in the first generation. Most of the others in the Kanto region will appear periodically throughout the year, but only special events will bring in the rare Pokemon.

The good news is that Pokemon GO has been bringing back most of the Kanto region spawns as soon as the All-in-One #151 research became available for everyone to claim. Without a full-blown Kanto Tour though, reaching the Platinum Kanto Medal will require special spawns from eggs and events or a trade with another Trainer that has caught the regionals.

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Every region that is available in Pokemon GO has an evolving medal tied to the area. Once you catch a regional Pokemon, you will unlock the bronze medal and you can continue evolving it from there. Platinum is always the hardest to unlock because it requires every single Pokemon from the region.

Of all the regions, the Platinum Kanto Medal is still one of the easiest to complete. Later generations have fewer events overall, and many of them are still missing debuts entirely. Once you get the Kanto platinum, you can move on to the other steps and get your Shiny Mew.

To get ahead of the curve, check out the full list of All-in-One research in Pokemon GO.

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