How to Earn the “Mercy” Trophy/Achievement in A Plague Tale: Requiem

How to avoid killing the guard on the docks in A Plague Tale: Requiem

The “Mercy” achievement in A Plague Tale: Requiem is one of four hidden trophies in the game, which can be easily missed if you do the wrong thing in Chapter IV. This guide will show you exactly what you need to do to earn the Mercy trophy. Warning: minor spoilers ahead.

Obligatory Cooperation

Late in Chapter 4, “Protector’s Duty,” during the “Obligatory Cooperation” section, Amicia and Lucas will come across a guard that they need to work with in order to reach their desired destination. However, Amicia and Lucas have escaped from prison just a chapter prior, causing them a fear of being recognized by the guards. They are left with no choice, but to lay low and cooperate, as they need the guard’s help to press onward.

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Through solving the puzzle and cooperating with the guard, at the end, Lucas is able to reach the door.

Amicia then will use her sling to help the guard cross the gap, so the three can finally meet face-to-face in close quarters.

However, the guard will not allow Amicia and Lucas to go any further and says that he will be escorting the young duo back home.

To make matters worse, the guard suddenly recognizes the two as escaped prisoners and prepares to attack Amicia and Lucas, despite the fact that they helped him. This is where the “Mercy” trophy comes into play, which states “Don’t kill the guard on the docks,” as Amicia and Lucas have the option to kill or spare the guard depending on the player’s decision.

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While throwing “Extinguis” on the guard’s torch will cause him to become a feast for a nearby horde of rats, if you want to earn the “Mercy” trophy, instead, players should throw Tar on his torch. This causes a blinding reaction, that allows Amicia and Lucas to escape. Simply, throw the tar at the guard’s torch, wait for the fireworks show, and run past him swiftly up the stairs to the left, and through the door.

Once you reach the door and open it, you will be rewarded the “Mercy” achievement for your pacifistic pursuits, and Lucas and Amicia will have clear consciences that they didn’t needlessly kill a guard.

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