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How to Dress in Rustic Clothing in Disney Dreamlight Valley: Staking Your Territory Quest Guide

Prove your country clothes to Nala.

Nala is one of the main characters that you can interact with in the Pride of the Valley update for Disney Dreamlight Valley, and if you speak with her enough, you’ll eventually make it to the Staking Your Territory quest. The main objective of the quest is to dress in Rustic Clothing.

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Customization is one of the best parts of Disney Dreamlight Valley and a driving force for any player to keep the grind going in the game. Discerning how clothing styles are categorized can be easy to miss, though. Our quest guide will cover how you can dress in Rustic Clothing and complete the Staking Your Territory quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley – How to Dress in Rustic Clothing

Once Nala has given you your objective, it’s time to get rolling on changing your style. The first step is to open up your standard inventory and look for the Wardrobe section. This is where most of your style collections are saved up, and you should find everything you have access to in this tab.

Next, head into the clothing list within the Wardrobe and select the filter setting. Here you can choose to filter out all of the clothing options by Rustic when going through the style section. After filtering, head back to the clothing list and equip at least two Rustic clothing items. If you need more, you can always head back to Scrooge McDuck and purchase what you’re missing.

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When you have two rustic pieces and a mustache, you’re almost done. Dress up in Rustic clothing and equip the mustache, then return to Nala in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This will end your current objective, and you can move on to the next section of Staking Your Territory with Nala.

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