How to Deploy to Neutralizer Test Site in MW3 Zombies

Detonate the bomb.

MW3 Zombies Shepherd feature
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The final mission of Act 2 in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies mode has players completing several objectives before ending in a giant boss fight. Here is how to find and complete the Shepherd mission and move on to the final act of the Zombies campaign.

How to Deploy to Neutralizer Test Site in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies

Similar to the last mission in Act 1, Extraction, the Shepherd mission will require players to exfil from a special location than the normal exfil spots. However, the icon from the Extraction mission remains on the map, and is the same icon for the Shepherd mission.

Players will have to look on the map for an icon of a person running with a star labeled “Shepherd.” The location can be different each game, but will call for an exfil helicopter and take you and your team to a separate location from the regular Zombies map.

Be sure to gear up with Pack-a-Punch weapons, perks, and armor plates before leaving the area. There will be tons of enemies and a boss to fight, so it is also better to have a team alongside you for extra firepower.

How to Successfully Test the Neutralizer in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies

The helicopter will take your team to a segmented part of the northeast section of the map, but with no other players. The rest of the mission will have several objectives to complete in order, starting with:

  • Destroy two SAM Sites on the roof of the building.
  • Clear the southeast area around the ACV.
  • Activate the ACV and escort it around the building.
  • Activate the Neutralizer on the ACV.
  • Defend the Neutralizer while it charges.
  • Detonate the Neutralizer by interacting with it.

Players will first be fighting mercenaries on the way to the giant building, and on the roof of it before and after interacting with the two SAM Sites. There will be a rope on the right side of the building for players to rappel up to the roof.

Players will then need to parachute off the roof to the marked area and clear all enemies before the ACV can be started. Then it becomes a regular Escort mission, and players will have to protect the ACV from Zombies on its path.

The ACV will stop in the middle of the field, and players will interact with it to activate the Neutralizer. This will cause more zombies and an Abomination creature to spawn.

It can be killed, but is not required. Simply survive and protect the ACV until the mission prompts you to detonate the Neutralizer. Interact with the ACV one more time to detonate it and complete the Shepherd mission.

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