How to Demolish Walls in Rust

Don't let a misplaced wall keep you from safety and security!

Rust Demolish Walls With Hammer
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One of the first steps to ensure your survival in the ever-dangerous world of Rust is to construct a base, but you might make a mistake. Here is how to demolish walls in Rust.

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How You Can Demolish Walls in Rust

Instead of whacking a twig or wood wall with an axe or pickaxe for an hour, it’s possible to demolish walls in Rust using the building hammer, then right-clicking until you open the tool wheel and selecting “Demolish.” That said, this method only works if you’ve only recently placed the wall. Most servers have a time limit, usually set to approximately five minutes. If you surpass the time limit, you cannot demolish a wall using the hammer.

If that’s the case, you will require other methods. Perhaps something with a bit more boom involved?

How to Destroy a Wall in Rust

If the building hammer doesn’t work, but you’re still terribly unsatisfied with the layout of your base, you can also raid yourself. For that, you will require a few explosives, like rockets, satchel charges, or the ever-coveted C4 explosives. This is, obviously, a more costly method.

Wood WallStone WallSheet Metal WallArmored Wall
Satchel Charge3102346

As you can see from the table above, you never want to use grenades to raid through a wall. It’s a remarkably cost-reductive method that will likely see you out of a base yourself. Instead, opt for C4 or rockets, or satchel charges will work for low-tier materials like wood and stone.

However, using the building hammer within the allotted time is better.

If you want to opt for the latter route and use explosives to destroy a wall in your base, you’ll need to acquire gunpowder first.

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