How to Delete Buildings in LEGO Fortnite

We should take our shack and push it somewhere else!

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Everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes are the size of a huge building in the middle of the forest. Here’s how to cancel a building in Lego Fortnite.

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How to Remove Buildings in LEGO Fortnite

To remove a building, you’ll need to break it down with your bare hands or a tool such as a Pickaxe. You can’t delete any construction with a direct command, so your only solution is the classical brute approach. Don’t worry, your materials will be kept and you can use them to build the same building (or something else entirely different) from scratch elsewhere.

Approach your building and start hitting it up in your preferred way. Your hands are generally the go-to method to avoid losing your tool’s health, but if the building proves to be too resistant, the Pickaxe will be your only way. You can get a Pickaxe by gathering 5 Wood and crafting it in any Crafting Bench you made.

Certain tools or weapons like Swords or Axes won’t be as effective on buildings, so don’t even bother losing their health by hitting your own constructions with them.

Why Should I Delete Buildings?

Deleting a build and rebuilding it elsewhere is the only way players have to “move” them, as once they’re set in the ground, they’re immovable as a rock. If you’re planning on moving your base to a new safer place, this will be your routine every time. It’s worth the effort since gathering more wood, granite and other resources would probably take a lot longer.

How to Blow Up Buildings

This method is by far the most fun. You can blow up buildings in Lego Fortnite with either dynamite or boom barrels. You can craft dynamite with 1x Blast Powder and 3x Knotroot Rods. You can make Doom Barrels with 3x Blast Powder and 6x Planks. You can also find both of these explosives throughout the world.

And of course, if you have a couple of friends adventuring with you, it gets even easier to rebuild your lost proprieties. And sharing your world with friends is pretty simple, so don’t be alone in this survival, blocky world.

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