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How to Defeat the Red Judge Aspect in Nihil (Stage 6 Boss) in Metal: Hellsinger

Multiple Aspects? No way!!!

by Nikola L

“How do I find the real Boss in Nihil?” you are probably wondering. Well, Prima Games has it covered for you, and we are going to deliver a guide on how to defeat the Red Judge Aspect found in Stage 6, Nihil, one of the most difficult Hells in Metal: Hellsinger so far.

How to Beat the Boss in Nihil Hell in Metal: Hellsinger (Red Judge Aspect on Stage 6)

From the moment of introduction to the boss, you will see that there’s something wrong. There are TWO Aspects against you! However, one of them is a fake, an illusion, and takes no damage. Our advice is to be mega-focused during this fight as it progressively gets way more difficult since eventually you will be going against THREE and then against FOUR of them at the same time, and there are not enough covers or healing crystals to go through that easily. When multiple copies of the Aspect start shooting at you, the thin pillar won’t be able to help you.

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Which Boss is Real in Nihil Hell in Metal: Hellsinger (Stage 6)?

There is an easy way to discern the fake Aspect from the Real Aspect at this level, though. We totally found out about this by accident while running the stage for the second time for the purposes of writing this guide.

The Real Aspect which takes damage has a head that reminds us of a pentagram (Five-star) and has two horns that are going diagonally up, and two horns that are going horizontally. See the suspect’s image below:

Screenshot via Prima Games

This stage is chaotic and there will be demons lunging at you regardless of whether the boss is phased out and immune or not, so you’ll have to deal with everything coming your way. Make sure to keep your Ultimates charged before entering this boss fight and come in with 16x Fury if possible. This will be very, very important as this is the most serious boss fight YET. Also, if you are not on the hardest difficulty, try not to die before the boss fight, every Revival can help!

When you are done with this boss, look to this guide for the next one in Acheron if you need help.

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