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Lies of P Puppet of the Future Featured

How to Defeat the Puppet of the Future in Lies of P

The future doesn't look so good

The Lies of P Puppet of the Future mini-boss is one of the most uncanny enemies you’ll find in the Venigni Works factory. This huge menacing pile of metal beams is standing there menacingly, but you first need to go out of your way to make this an even match.

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How to Encounter the Puppet of the Future in Lies of P

After overcoming the Scrapped Watchman and unlocking the P-Organ, you’ll find yourself raiding Venigni Works to rescue its owner from its creations. After touching the first Stargazer in front of the Factory, you can take the left path, defeat some big puppets, and go downstairs to find the gigantic Puppet of the Future waiting for your arrival.

As soon as you step down in the river, you’ll notice the Corruption gauge going up. This boss is not meant to be tackled with the polluted water around here. You can’t stand for too long here or you’re screwed, so you have to deal with the muddy water first. 

Lies of P Puppet of the Future Encounter
Screenshot by Prima Games

And you can do it by simply advancing through the factory. More specifically, climb the ladders next to the Stargazer and keep heading straight. This little detour acts like a sidequest even though there isn’t a proper name/NPC for it.


You can actually fight the boss without removing the Corruption water, but it just makes the encounter unnecessarily obnoxious. Do it if you want an extra challenge, but remember to remove the water later as you’ll find extra loot while doing so.

You’ll meet with plenty of hazards and obstacles, such as the guarding puppet (this guy can be a roadblock; get ready) and waves of worker puppets causing havoc. Have some good weapons beforehand, and make sure to return to the Hotel to upgrade those regularly.

You will reach another Stargazer in the sewers area after beating that elite enemy, and you will quickly notice a corridor with some giant, flaming balls rolling down Indiana Jones style. Use your surroundings to hide before you’re plummeted into the ground. You’re looking to reach this entrance right here.

Lies of P sewer location.
Screenshot by Prima Games

Now head left (where the Red Fox and the Black Cat are standing) and take the entrance right behind the Fox. Deal with the enemies around here and enter the red pipe. Be careful with some puppets dropping down from the ceiling!

Lies of P Puppet of the Future Pipes
Screenshot by Prima Games

After dealing with all of those, your final opponent is another big elite enemy. This is your last obstacle in this journey, and it hits hard, so be careful. After you finally overcome this challenge, interact with the lever hidden where he came from, and the corrupt water surrounding the Puppet of the Future will disappear. Make your way back to the first Stargazer and climb down the stairs to face your giant nemesis.

Lies of P Puppet of the Future Puppet Enemy
Screenshot by Prima Games

How to Beat the Puppet of the Future

For a quick recap, here’s what you need to do:

  • Enter the factory and keep following until you meet the Black Cat and the Red Fox;
  • Continue through the entrance near the Stalker duo, defeat the elite enemy, and pull the lever to drain the Water in the Puppet of the Future arena;
  • Return to the first Stargazer, climb down the stairs and get ready to face the giant puppet.

Once you’re done with that, you’ll have the whole arena to fight with the Puppet, and since all you need is some space to deal with his short-range attacks, the fight will be highly trivialized.

Strategies for Beating the Puppet of the Future

This giant enemy is surprisingly slow so you can dodge most of his attacks effortlessly. He clearly shows where he’ll be hitting, so you can dodge to a safe spot or do a brave hop forward to take it off guard. Don’t bother trying to parry too much since you can basically always dodge. Its hits are powerful and can leave you Shocked if you miss the Parry, so only go for it if you’re really confident on your skills.

Its most dangerous attack is the spinning move he does, where he slowly starts to move them. This is predictable, and even if you get hit once or twice, you can just dodge backward to avoid being slammed to death. The jumping attack might catch you off guard, too, so be careful with that. A timely dodge is enough to give you some safety.

Lies of P Puppet of the Future Battle
Screenshot by Prima Games

Hitting its legs can quickly break its toughness, and you can cause some devastating fatal attacks from here. If you manage to parry, it’ll get down to its knees faster, but this isn’t really necessary.

The Puppet shouldn’t be a huge problem for you, as getting to the point where you can fight him without that water is the worst part. His huge HP bar is annoying, but you’ll get there in no time with some patience.

Puppet of the Future Rewards

After beating the Puppet of the Future, you get a Quartz for your hard work and can now safely loot the surrounding treasures, such as some Ergo Fragments and a chest containing the Booster Glaive weapon. If it isn’t much of your type, you can still use it to create a new, powerful weapon by mixing its handle with other blades.

Quartz can be used on the P Organ at Geppetto’s Office in Hotel Krat to get new passives and abilities that will make your life easier. Since this is a mini-boss, the Puppet won’t be respawning and therefore cannot be repeatedly farmed for easy Quartz on it.

However, later sections of the game will include more encounters with this giant enemy, and each of them will also give you a Quartz after being defeated. They’ll hit harder than this one, but you’ll be way more powerful by that point, so it should be even easier than the first Puppet of the Future you found in Lies of P.

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