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Genshin Impact: How to Defeat the Cryo Hypostasis (Extreme) in Sonata of the Snowy Path

Chill out and get your rewards

by Patrick Souza

The Hypostasis Symphony event makes its return to Genshin Impact. The previous versions of the said event had some of the hardest challenges to this date with extremely beefed-up versions of the regular Hypostasis bosses. This new version is quite chill compared to it. After beating the regular challenge, which was also toned down, you unlock the higher difficulties.

Extreme difficulty doesn’t give out any rewards aside from being able to brag about clearing it. Since that’s probably why you’re here, we’ll present you with some team options and tips for an easy clear. Spoilers, Zhongli is broken here.

Genshin Impact – Cryo Hyopostasis Extreme Difficulty Guide

You need to complete Fearless mode to unlock Extreme. Fearless, in comparison, is unlocked by getting your first clear in the Standard course, which doesn’t present that big of a challenge. 

Special Rules:

  • Opponent’s HP and ATK are increased and it has extra defensive barriers
  • Limited to 3 Dissonances
  • Its ATK will increase after 120s, and continues to increase for each 40s passed

Team suggestion:

Zhongli, Klee, Xiangling, Bennett

Dissonance: Blazing Harmony

Food: Jade Parcels (or any other ATK/Crit food)

Screenshot by Prima Games

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This setup got me the first clear, but it was far from a good run. There’s a small space for hitting the boss, so don’t waste your Bursts preemptively unless you’ll be sure of making some good use of them. The biggest problem is the spinning attack, since it may spin multiple times. Time your snowballs correctly during the final phase or they will come back once again.

Xiangling and Klee can easily proc Melt every single hit, and that damage ranks up quickly with Bennett around. Zhongli can easily cheese his revival phase by using his E to break the walls and go faster for the kill. Diluc, Yanfei, Yoimiya, or Hu Tao can replace Klee and may also be an upgrade.

Electro-based teams can also be a good call as you can safely proc Aggravate to the Hypostasis. As long as you have Zhongli, you’ll have no problem with the increasing damage or with breaking the walls. Keep his shield up at all times and you can get a sub-120s timer if that’s what you’re aiming for.