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How to Defeat Sierra in Pokémon GO (February 2023)

"I envy you, you get to battle me!" - Queen Sierra

by Daphne Fama

The Crackling Voltage Team GO Rocket Takeover Event is well on its way, and it’s likely you’ll see find yourself going toe-to-toe with Team GO Rocket Leader Sierra. But like the treacherous mountains she’s named after, Sierra can send you toppling if you try to take her on unprepared. Here’s everything you need to know if you want to climb that summit triumphant. Here’s how to defeat Sierra in Pokémon GO (February 2023).

How to Defeat Sierra in Pokémon GO (February 2023)

First things first. If you’ve lost a match against Sierra, it’s not the end of the world. You can always rematch her. But hopefully it won’t come to that. Here is the Pokemon she’ll bring to the battle:

Pokemon 1:

  • Beldum (Shadow) (possibly shiny)

Pokemon 2:

  • Flygon (Shadow)
  • Sharpedo (Shadow)
  • Lapras (Shadow)

Pokemon 3:

  • Alakazam (Shadow)
  • Houndoom (Shadow)
  • Shiftry (Shadow)

Yes, she has the potential to have quite a few heavy hitters on her team! But with a Shadow Beldum as the possible prize, it’s worth defeating her. So, let’s talk counters.

For her first Pokemon, Beldum, start with a Pokemon that can burn and break down Beldums shields while still having utility for Pokemon 2. Good options that have strong, super-effective moves are:

  • Charizard with Fire Spin, Blast Burn, Dragon Claw
  • Blaziken with Fire Spin or Counter, Blast Burn or Blaze Kick
  • Lucario with Counter, Power-Up Punch, Shadow Ball

As for what to do when she pulls out her second Pokemon, it will depend on what she brings out. If she chooses Lapras or Sharpedo, keep Lucario in. Or, alternatively, switch to one of these Pokemon:

  • Machamp with Counter, Close Combat, Stone Edge
  • Conkeldurr with Counter, Dynamic Punch, Stone Edge

If she brings out Flygon, then it’s best to switch into a new Pokemon. Ideally:

  • Articuno with Icy Shard, Icy Wind, Ancient Power
  • Mamoswine with Powder Snow, Avalanche, High Horsepower
  • Ninetales (Alola) with Powder Snow, Weather Ball (Ice), Psyshock

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For her final and third Pokemon, there are two Pokemon with particular utility. Tyranitar is capable of whittling down Houndoom, Shiftry, and Alakazam. But Machamp is also an excellent choice, as it’s a perfect counter to Houndoom and Shiftry. But this is assuming you can keep it alive against Flygon and a second Pokemon. The ideal move sets for these Pokemon are:

  • Tyranitar with Smack Down, Crunch, Stone Edge
  • Machamp with Counter, Close Combat, Stone Edge

Beating Sierra is much more difficult than stomping Grunts, but the rewards are great. You’ll get 1,000 Stardust, two random items, and the opportunity to catch Beldum (Shadow) who has a 1 in 64 chance of being Shiny!

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