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How to Defeat Lavaback in Wild Hearts

You better Lavaback up

by Jesse Vitelli

There are a lot of different monsters to fight in Wild Hearts. Few are as fearsome as the Lavaback. A giant gorilla that has a small volcano on its back. If you’re not prepared, this creature will rip you to shreds in seconds, so let’s talk about how to defeat the Lavaback in Wild Hearts.

How to Defeat Lavaback in Wild Hearts

The Lavaback is fast, heavy-hitting, and can provide elemental fire to all of its attacks. To defeat the Lavaback, you will need to learn its moveset, so let’s break down its moves.

The Lavaback has quite a few different unique moves that will attack you at both range, and up close.

Close-Up Attacks

The Lavaback’s most potent and dangerous move is its dropkick. Yes, a literal dropkick. It can charge it up and dash forward, closing the gap almost immediately. Luckily if you time a dodge to the left or right, you can easily avoid this attack together.

Its other up-close attack slams its fist on the ground three times. It will pound its left fist, right fist, and both for a slightly more powerful attack. Just use the dodge button and put some distance. It will be locked into its animations, so if you can get out of the way it opens up some time to attack.

When the Lavaback charges up with the red glow, it’s entered ana wakened state and adds a few more moves to its repertoire. The lavaback’s arms will now be stretchy, and it can use those to punch you from a further distance. Just stay calm and continue to dodge at the right time.

It also will now slam its fist on the ground and lava will spout from a telegraphed area on the ground. Run away to ensure you dodge this attack.

The Lavaback also has a more powerful version of the dropkick, but it will use its arms to slingshot itself forward. You know the dropkick is coming if you see it getting ready to slingshot.

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Ranged Attacks

The Lavaback also has plenty of devastating ranged attacks. It can chuck small lava boulders that break into smaller ones and a large boulder with a massive AOE.

The Lavaback will also extend its fist when in an awakened state and shoot fire out of it. It will mix up its close and long-ranged attacks so you’ll need to be ready to dodge any of them.


The critical points on the Lavaback are its arms and the volcano on its back. By destroying the arms, you will cause the Lavaback to recoil and give you more time to hit it.

It’s best to attack the Lavaback after dodging the dropkick attack or while it’s doing the three-fist slam.

Here is the breakdown for its Part Softness and what are the easiest parts to break. Five stars are the easiest.

  • Head: 5 Stars
  • Arms: 3 Stars
  • Body: 4 Stars
  • Legs: 2 Stars
  • Tail: 1 Star
  • Back: 1 Star

You’ll want to bring a water weapon to deal as much damage as possible. You’ll also want to bring armor that has high physical and fire resistance.

That’s everything you need to know about how to defeat the Lavaback in Wild Hearts. Check out how to get Silken thread.

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