How to Customize Your Town Portal in Diablo 4

In and out, 20 minute adventure.

Diablo 4’s second season, like the first, bequeathed players with even more cosmetic rewards for progressing its Battle Pass. One of these customizations is exclusive to seasons, at least for now – Town Portals.

How to Change You Town Portal in Diablo 4

To change your Town Portal, visit the Wardrobe in town, then find your way to the “Effects” section. In this menu, you’ll be able to change your Town Portal and Headstone. To get to a Wardrobe easily, just press “T” if you’re on keyboard, or up on the D-pad on controller to travel to town. From there, just make your way to the dresser icon on the map.

How to Get New Town Portal Appearances in Diablo 4

So far there are only three Town Portal cosmetics in the game, both introduced in Season 2:

Bloodborne Byway (premium) – Battle Pass Level 13

Light’s Passage (free) – Battle Pass Level 49

Corridor of Light (premium) – Battle Pass Level 85

Since these cosmetics are brand new, I have no doubt that we will seeing even more of them in Season 3 – along with whatever else Blizzard can cook up to serve us in seasons (and the shop). Town portals are an obvious pick for customization – why would a Necromancer who specializes in blood spells want a shiny blue portal when they could be walking into a giant ulcer?

It is good news also that, being a brand-new cosmetic, one of them is being offered for free. It looks quite “holy” in appearance, which gives me hope that we’ll be getting some sort of holy knight (if not Crusader) in the game’s first expansion.

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