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How to Cure Zombie Villagers in Minecraft

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by Jordan Bragais
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If you want to have a booming and worthwhile discount for your villagers or if you simply want to solve an unfortunate zombie epidemic with your village traders, then curing your villagers is something you’d want to know right off the bat. So, for your convenience, here is how you can cure zombie villagers in Minecraft.

How to Turn a Zombified Villager Back to Normal in Minecraft

Zombie villager holding a rotten flesh
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First things first, prepare a splash potion of weakness and a regular golden apple. Use the potion on the infected villager, hold the golden apple, and right-click the zombified villager, and he will start shivering. Soon, he will transform back into a normal villager.

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However, you must ensure that your zombie villager is under some shade to ensure that he doesn’t burn from the sun and die. You can always make them follow you into a safe place or use boats and minecarts to immobilize them and build a roof above them.

The villagers that you’ve traded with will have the same job, level, and items it sells even after being zombified and cured but with better discounts as thanks for curing them. Building a room complete with a bed and iron bars as walls or windows helps increase the speed of the healing process for your zombie villagers.

In Bedrock Edition, you can use leads on boats to pull them even if they have mobs in them. You can utilize this to bring your zombie villagers to safety. In Bedrock Edition, you can find a zombified villager under igloos, complete with everything you need to cure the villager, and its rooms are built with iron bars and beds to speed up the curing process.

If a villager is struck by lightning, they will become a witch. Unfortunately, however, witches cannot be cured back into regular villagers.