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All Minecraft Villager Jobs Explained

Welcome to the grind.

by Jesse Vitelli

Minecraft has a lot of systems in play. From created cycles with Redstone to Villagers going about their own business. The world of Minecraft is bustling, and sometimes you just need to stop and parse everything that is happening. Here are all of the Minecraft villager jobs explained.

All Minecraft Villager Jobs Explained

  • Armorer – This Villager will sell you iron, armor, and other material goods.
  • Butcher – Here you can get food and meat.
  • Cartographer – You’ll be able to purchase maps, compares, and anything else you need for exploring.
  • Cleric – This villager will sell you Ender Pearls (required for beating the game), potion ingredients, etc.
  • Farmer – You can trade them food and crops for Emeralds.
  • Fisherman – You can get fish and other fishing ingredients.
  • Fletcher – This allows you to get crossbows, arrows, and other bows.
  • Leatherworker – Do you need leather hides or armor? Look no further.
  • Librarian – Get enchanted books for your enchanting table here.
  • Masons – You’ll be able to access polished stone and terracotta from these villagers for crafting your house.
  • Shepard – You’ll be able to snag some clipping shears and wool for dyes.
  • Toolsmith – Need some quick harvesting tools? Get some from your local Toolsmith.
  • Weaponsmith – Grab some enchanted weapons and minerals for when you need to fight off those pesky skeletons or spiders.

Those are all of the professions for villagers in Minecraft. Of course, these aren’t the only spots to get these items for your player. The villagers offer a quick way to get a few things, but most of your stuff will be obtained by crafting or simply exploring mines and dungeons!

It’s always good to set up a little base new a neighboring village, so you have easy access to talking and trading with these villagers. Don’t kill them, or they might send that Iron Golem after you for your treacherous behavior.

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