How to Cure Root Rot in Remnant 2

Stop rotting your brain (from disease, at least).

Remnant 2 Boss Fight
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While playing Remnant 2, you’ll likely come under status effects from time to time. These build up until they become the full status effect, causing you serious harm until they’re cured. They can even stack, making for a worse time if the effect snowballs. One of these effects comes up a lot when exploring the world of Yaesha, though thankfully there’s a way to fix it. Here’s how to cure Root Rot in Remnant 2.

How Do You Stop Root Rot in Remnant 2?

Remnant 2 Oilskin Balm
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Root Rot has one way of being cured, but thankfully it’s nothing too expensive. The consumable Oilskin Balm will cure Root Rot Blight while increasing resistance to the plague for some time. Oilskin Balm can either be rarely found in the wild (marked by a green light on the item) or by purchasing from Doc Norah in Ward 13. They only cost 100 a piece, so carrying around two while exploring Yaesha shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Take it whenever affected, and you’ll be good to go.

What Effect Does Root Rot Have?

Root Rot will occur when standing in clouds of red smoke for too long, particularly when certain Root enemies drop the gas across Yaesha. If this builds up enough, you’ll be plagued with Root Rot. This won’t damage you, but it will cause you to stop and cough, preventing you from dodging, shooting, or any other action for that matter. This can be painful mid-boss fight, though that Oilskin Balm should eliminate the issue entirely. That, and some better positioning.

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For future reference, almost any other status effect in Remnant 2 can be cured this way. Not with Oilskin Balm, obviously, but with other status-effect cleansers from Doc Norah. Head over to her with some Scrap if you find yourself being overwhelmed with effects.

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