How to Cure Overfull in Palworld

Sometimes, our Pals get a little hungry.

Palworld Overfull status ailment
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In Palworld, your Pals are delicate, sensitive creatures who can easily succumb to various ailments if you neglect them, forget to give them food, or have them engage in combat that severely injures them. Here’s how to cure Overfull, one of the many status conditions your Pals can develop.

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What is the Overfull Status Effect in Palworld

When you hover over the Overfull status, its description states your Pal is insatiable, with its hunger rapidly decreasing over time. While your Pals naturally become hungry over time, an Overfull Pal’s will lower much faster, requiring it to eat more to maintain its SAN.

While it can appear anytime, I find it’s much more likely to occur if your Pals eat while they’re stressed and have low sanity.

How to Cure the Overfull Status of Pals in Palworld

To cure Overfull, place the affected Pal in your party and grab some low-grade medical supplies. From here, open your inventory, select the medicine, and feed it to your Pal to cure the status ailment. Now, your Pal should have regular eating habits again unless they develop Overfull again.

How to Get Low Grade Medical Supplies in Palworld

Palworld offers multiple ways to obtain low-grade medical supplies:

  1. Open chests around the Palworld map.
  2. Drops from Lifmunk, Flopie, and Vaelet.
  3. Craft at a medical workbench.

As you travel around Palworld, you’ll encounter treasures you can open that can drop low-grade medical supplies. Chests have an assortment of loot, from gold coins to Pal Spheres, with medicine as an option. However, some require copper and silver keys, so watch for Pals and enemies that drop these.

Palworld low grade medical supplies Lifmuk drop
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Alternatively, you can catch Pals like Lifmunk, Flopie, and Vaelet, with Lifmunk being the easiest. You can find Lifmunk Pals northwest of the Plateau of Beginnings as you approach the Rayne Syndicate Tower, whom you can catch to get some low-grade medical supplies.

Palworld low grade medical supplies recipe
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Lastly, once you reach level 12, you’ll unlock the medical workbench in your technology tree, which you can unlock and build using wood, nails, and Paldium Fragments. Once you build it, you can make low-grade medical supplies using five red berries and horns. While red berries are abundant around the map, horns require catching or defeating Pals such as Eikthydeer and Caprity.

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