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How to Craft Weapons in Destiny 2

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by Daphne Fama

One of the foundations of any build is the guns you run. They’re the thin line between life and death, the cool zappy hunks of metal that make you feel like a space wizard. And they can always be made stronger. And to do that, you can either grind out a God Roll drop or craft it yourself. Here’s how to craft weapons in Destiny 2.

How to Craft Weapons in Destiny 2

 Crafting weapons is one of the best quality of life changes that Bungie brought to Destiny 2. While not all weapons are craftable, it’s removed the RNG and grind of trying to get that perfect gun to drop as a God Roll. But how do you do it?

First, you need access to the Witch Queen. This is likely because The Enclave, where you craft weapons, is on Savathun’s Throne World.

Once there, turn around and head down the stairs. You’ll enter an area that houses great black slab that’s called the Relic Conduit. It’s here that you can Shape (create) or Reshape (modify) an existing weapon.

But to craft a weapon, you’ll need multiple Deepsight Resonant Extractions from that particular weapon. You’ll know a weapon has Deepsight Resonant when you look at it in your inventory. It will have a red border.

You can choose to farm for the gun you want to craft, or opt to try to perfect a red-bordered gun that’s already in your possession. If you have a red-border gun that you want to craft, you’ll need to get kills with it.

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The best way to farm kills? Undoubtedly Sorrow’s Harbor, where Nightmare Altars happen unceasingly. If you participate from Tier I to IV, you’ll get around 50% of Weapon 1. And this is essential, because each new level you get with a red-bordered weapon will grant you new access to perks.

Once your red-bordered weapon levels up, you can return to the Relic in The Enclave to Reshape it and modify its perks. Note, the weapon you want to shape cannot be equipped.

Each time you reshape a weapon, there will come a cost. Normal perks will only require Glimmer and Enhancement Cores (usually 10,000 Glimmer and 3 Enhancement Cores). But as you get to the better perks, noted by their yellow gradient and arrows, the cost rises in a big way. One Enhanced Trait may cost you an Ascendant Alloy, 15,00 Glimmer, 25 Legendary Shards, and 2 Enhancement Prisms.

Whereas Shaping a weapon will only cost you Resonant Alloy and 15,000 Glimmer.

Good luck crafting and forming the weapon of your dreams, Guardian! If you’re curious about some of the latest Exotics, check out our guide on how to get the Stasis Heavy Glaive, Winterbite!

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