How to Craft Spore Essence in Fae Farm – Answered

Crafting Spore Essence will have you spelunking.

Fae Farm Floating Ruins Misasma
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The main story quests in Fae Farm will have you crafting a variety of items that you quite possibly have never crafted or heard of before. In the quest ‘Sour but Sweet,’ Boletal will request Spore Essence. But other recipes, such as the medium and large variations of the necessary Fairbreath Potion, will also require it. Here is how to craft Spore Essence in Fae Farm.

Where is Spore Essence in Fae Farm

You will not be able to find Spore Essence anywhere in the game. Fortunately, finding the base ingredient for Spore Essence is quite simple. You will need to make your way to the Floating Ruins and enter any floor between 7 to 24 to locate Sporeweed.

Fae Farm Sporeweed
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Tip: Note

Make sure that you have upgraded your Sickle to a Feyrite Sickle so that you can harvest the Sporeweed.

Once you have collected enough Sporeweed, return it to your Homestead and access the Potion Ingredients Station. Navigate to Sporeweed, and you will see that you can craft it into Spore Essence at a rate of 4:1. This means that for every four Sporeweed that you collect, you can craft a single Spore Essence.

Fae Farm Spore Essence
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If you have yet to have crafted a Potion Ingredients Station, simply add one to your Homestead by following the below steps.

  • Press down on the d-pad to enter Build Mode.
  • Press down to bring up the Build Catalog.
  • Navigate to the Crafting section and select Potion Ingredients Station which is in the middle of the bottom row.
  • Potion Ingredients Station requires Flutterwood Lumber x2, Clay Brick x5, and Glass x2 to craft.
  • Place the Potion Ingredients Station in the location of your choice.

Now that you know how to make Spore Essence, it is a good idea to collect all resources you can as you never know when they will be required. Such as when you need to craft Fairbreath and Fireproof potions!

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