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How to Craft a Smoker in Minecraft – Smoker Recipe Guide

One of the things you need when starting your world is a furnace.

by Jordan Bragais
Minecraft Smoker cooking food

A furnace is one of the first things you will need to have when starting your world off in Minecraft. And there is a variety of furnaces out there with different purposes and uses for it. One, in particular, is primarily known for its usefulness in cooking food fast, the Smoker. So for your convenience, here is how to craft a Smoker in Minecraft.

How to Craft a Smoker in Minecraft

Minecraft Smoker Recipe
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To craft a Smoker in Minecraft, you will need to open your crafting table and put a Furnace at the center and one log of any choice on the top, bottom, left, and right sides of it. With these in place, the image of the Smoker will pop up on the results tab of the crafting table. Simply click on the Smoker, and boom, you’re ready to cook more efficiently.

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Uses and Trivia About the Smoker

Wandering trader with his llama
Image via Mojang

The smoker cooks food twice as fast as the regular Furnace but does not smelt any other materials that aren’t edible. You can use any kind of log to craft a Smoker, whether it be a log from trees in the Nether or logs in the overworld. Also, even stripped logs can be used to craft them as well.

Despite the Smoker being made out of four logs, the Smoker cannot be used as fuel to smelt items like other items or tools that are crafted with wooden materials. Smokers can be used to give a jobless villager the role of a butcher. Smokers can also be naturally found in some villages alongside butchers.

Any type of fuel source that any other furnaces use can also be used in the Smoker. Minecraft officially added smokers in the Village and Pillage update back in 2019 as a new item and as one of the new official job sites for the villagers.