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How to Counter any Tera Raid in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

No Tera Raid can stop you now

by Patrick Souza

Every limited Tera Raid brings a new challenge for trainers in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, especially if they’re one of those rare 7-star raids featuring exclusive Pokemon such as Charizard or Cinderace. These Pokemon are a top-notch challenge, but catching them after a tough fight is nothing less than fulfilling. But unless you have some tough friends you can raid with, you gotta make sure to bring a strong Pokemon against the month’s target.

Luckily, there’s quite an easy method to identify which Pokemon are statistically the best against the current raids, and it also gives you a ton of extra info to make sure your raid won’t suddenly go south. 

How to Use the Terastal Calculator  – Find The Perfect Counter Pokemon

Terastalize makes counters not as obvious as they seem as the received types always give the Pokemon some new toys to mess with. So using the Terastal Calculator is a great method of beating them. It gives you all that you need to know about recent Tera Raid events, from the Pokemon’s type, its moves, abilities and effective counters and setups.

You can either select one of the recent Raid event Pokemon or manually pick any of the possible Tera Raid targets to have its full breakdown. The Best Counter Pokémon button will automatically generate a list of various creatures with effective movesets and the perfect typing against that specific Pokemon.

Terastral Calculator Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Screenshot by Prima Games

As mentioned before, the recent events are kept in highlight, and the list is frequently updated whenever a new Tera Raid is announced. Info on future targets is only available after they’re already out, as the calculator uses mostly raw stats/moves/abilities/types into consideration when offering you a counter.

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A good example of that would be Charizard. A very popular counter for his 7-star Tera Raid was Azumarill, but the very first result the Calculator gives you is Hatterene which was also a great pick. That happens simply because Hatterene has higher overall status compared to Azumarill. Both could easily deal with it, though.

So if you’re just looking for another alternative to defeat that new Tera Raid, you can always take a look at this calculator after the Raid hits live. There’s no problem in not wanting to use the most recommended Pokemon, so see if you can find anything else that fits you better. You might be surprised at the end.

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