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How to Connect Steam to PSN for a MultiVersus Account

Hail cross-progression! Hip hip... Hooray!

by Nikola L

MultiVersus is currently one of the newest fighting games and its popularity is certainly not dropping, with fans duking it out as their favorite fictional characters on all of their favorite platforms. You may be wondering if there is cross-play and cross-progression and if you can link your Steam account with your PSN account. The answer is yes, there is cross-play and cross-progression, and in this guide, Prima Games will show you how to link your accounts.

How to Link Steam Account to PSN Account in MultiVersus

Of course, a lot of people own multiple gaming platforms due to different exclusives that each of them may have, and it’s not uncommon that a PC player will sometimes want to play MultiVersus on PlayStation from the comfort of a big couch, for example. And that’s the beauty of cross-progression.

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In order to link your Steam and PSN accounts and use the MultiVersus cross-progression function, you need to head out to the official Warner Bros website, and log in to your account. Once you have done this, go to Account Dashboard and find the Connections option.

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There, you will see all of the supported platforms and which ones you have linked already, if you’ve linked any. When you click the “Connect” button next to each named platform on the list, you will be met with dialogue that informs you that you will be moved to the designated platform’s website. From there on, follow the prompts that pop up (and log in to PSN from your website and approve the linking process). And there you have it! Once successful, you will be able to see that your account is linked on your account page.

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